Summer Journey: Expanding into the Heart of our True Nature

Heart- Centered Leadership for A New Time

5th -9th July 2017, Skålsjögården - Sweden


A mystical inner journey into the heart of your true nature.

  • Are you inspired to deepen your connection to yourself & your truth?
  • Are you inspired to step more fully into your joy, passion & purpose for being alive?

You are warmly invited to join us in community as we support each other to realize we are not alone, we are so much more than we have been lead to believe and we truly have the power to transform our world!

What is it?

A four day inner journey designed to facilitate and support deeper contact with our true selves and what we feel called to share and create in our lives. Grounded in a heart-centered approach to self-discovery and empowerment, our process will offer you a safe yet powerful space to honour and strengthen your truth, your relationships with others, your inner leadership and your creative expression in the world. Our program will combine individual and group work with nature connection, intuitive art sessions, song, movement and music.

Vad är det?

En helhetsupplevelse i fyra dagar som syftar till att underlätta och stödja en djupare kontakt med vårt sanna jag och det vi har att dela i våra liv. Vi jobbar både i grupp och enskilt med närhet till naturen, intuitiva konstsessioner, sång och musik. Vi erbjuder en process baserad på självmedkänsla och hjärtats visdom för självläkning, stärkande av dig själv din relation till andra, ditt inre ledarskap samt ditt kreativa uttryck i världen.

Through our program you will have the opportunity to:

Each one of us has such beauty and potential to share with our world! However, we often don’t trust ourselves enough to nurture it into reality, keeping it hidden underneath layers of unworthiness, fear, doubt and limitation. In the midst of great change and transformation occurring on our planet, NOW is the time to return to the heart of our true nature and shine this out for all to see!
  • Connect to a community of like-minded people.
  • Find more clarity on your purpose for being on Earth.
  • Cultivate a more compassionate relationship with yourself & others.
  • Receive tools and support to clarify your perception, energy & truth.
  • Receive tools and support to best navigate the shift occurring on our planet.
  • Receive tools and support to move beyond old patterns & conditioning that no longer serve you.

Where is it?

Nestled in the breath-taking beauty of Central Sweden, Skålsjögården is set in a location surrounded by forests and lakes. In a part of the world where there are far more trees than humans, our venue provides the perfect location to relax and connect to ourselves & nature.

Content & Schedule

Art by Carola Splettstoesser

Art by Carola Splettstoesser

Our time together intends to empower our authentic nature and the vast potential we have to share with our world. We offer a heart-centered spiritual approach to facilitating self-discovery, empowerment & well-being. Our program content will provide a basic overview of human perception, experience and conditioning and explore how to clarify and empower our hearts deepest truth into our lives. Specific activities will include meditation, expressive work, intuitive art, personal inquiry, group work, ceremony, fireside sharing, nature immersion, singing, movement and more!

5th July: Arrival Night- Connecting

  • Arrival will be between 16:00 & 18:00, with dinner served at 18:30.

We will begin our journey together by opening a sacred space and honoring the Earth. Our evening session will involve introducing our time together, playfully connecting and getting to know each other.

6th July: Day 1 - Honoring

On our first day we will begin by exploring the shift occurring on our planet. Once we have looked at an overview of our conditioning we will honor the significance of our lives through the lens of self-love, sensitivity and gratitude.

Topics: Self- Love, Emotion, Authenticity and Self-Healing

7th July: Day 2 - Transforming

On our second day we will enter a process of transformation. As we gain a deeper understanding of the beauty and potential we have to share here, we will reclaim our power as co-creators of our reality by demystifying some of the patterns that hold us in limitation.

Themes: Self-worth, Perception, Personal Power and Potential

8th July: Day 3 - Co-Creating

On our third day we will support each other to move our potential into inspired action and heart-centered leadership in our lives. As we gain a deeper understanding of where we feel called to share our brilliance, we will look at what steps we might need to take to make our dreams a reality.

Themes: Personal Responsibility, Energy, Boundaries & Purpose.

9th July: Day 4 / Departure Day - Celebrating

As we prepare to move forward on our new and exciting adventures, we will take the time to share our experiences and celebrate our time together before concluding our journey.

  • Departure will be after lunch between 14:00 & 16:00

Please note: Our content may evolve from what is written above.

Your Facilitators

Our time together will be held and supported by an experienced and inter-disciplinary team of facilitators. Dorian, Marie & Robert will hold our group work sessions and Anette will facilitate our intuitive art sessions.

Anette Vester

As an established Artist and Energy Therapist, Anette is inspired to facilitate the marriage of body and soul in order to catalyze real healing and inspiration in the lives of others. With over ten years experience in facilitating and practicing art in locations such as the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, Anette brings both sensitivity and open-mindedness to her creative work with Intuitive Art and Mandala Painting. Through the power of her own healing journey, Anette is particularly passionate about integrating self-healing and creativity in personal development work.

Robert Pic.jpeg

Dorian De Nobrega

As a Facilitator & Community Development Practitioner, Dorian is inspired to contribute to the building of sincere communities and cultures that nurture the innocence of our hearts whilst serving the well-being of life as a whole. With over five years experience between health-care, youth work and refugee protection; and with education and training in Regenerative Community Development, Multi-dimensional Healing, Health-Psychology and leadership, Dorian is passionate about bringing a heart-centered approach to facilitating personal and community well-being, especially among young people.


Marie Söderberg

As a Gestalt Therapist, Leadership Trainer, Zen Coach and Yoga Teacher, Marie is passionate about holding space for people to understand and embody their highest truth into the world. With a background in organizational and leadership development from a Gestalt and systems perspective, Marie possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to facilitate personal and collective development. Being on a journey of letting go of old limitations herself, Marie has a great commitment to her own personal growth and is inspired to support others in their journey towards greater harmony with themselves and mother Gaia.

Robert Pic.jpeg

Robert Lindberg

With over five years experience as a certified Energy Therapist, Robert Lindberg understands the true nature of healing. With a deep passion to support and empower people to live their highest potential into the world, Robert balances sensitivity and power through his sometimes miraculous work of energy medicine and intuitive guidance. As a father of three with a wealth of life experience, Robert holds a deep compassion for people and nature that makes him a warm friend and trusted professional to many.


Forrest light.jpg

Central Sun is based on the property of Skålsjögården, Viksjöfors - on the border of Hälsingland and Dalarna in Sweden.


Skålsjögården is equipped with several accommodation houses that cater to over 40 guests, full dining facilities as well as sauna and hot-tub amenities for your enjoyment. Our location also has exclusive access to spring water directly from the source, as well as multiple walking and hiking trails that provide a doorway into the surrounding wilderness. The surrounding area is also home to diverse wildlife such as wolf, lynx, bear, otter, eagle,  deer, owl and elk. Skålsjögården is a venue that exists outside of the time and stress of modern existence, facilitating guests into the refreshing truth of what really matters in life.


We have four accommodation houses that will host guests during their stay with us. Each house is equipped with shared bathroom and shower facilities and common spaces for socializing. Included in our program is a bed in a shared room (with two single beds). If you would like to book a private room, please select this option in the registration process (at an additional charge of 100SEK extra per room/ per night).


Under the care of our experienced chef Percy Kindgren & all round superstar Silje Frich, guests will receive three vegetarian meals per day as well as (fika) breaks- with coffee, tea and light snacks. Our menu is designed with your health and well-being in mind and is therefore prepared with the utmost love and care. Our meals will use organic, bio-dynamic and wild food produce wherever possible and provide gluten free, lactose free and vegan options with all meals.

Getting to us


Public transport to our location is quite limited during the summer months! We therefore offer a shuttle service to and from the closest public transport destinations.

Findhorn ppl.jpeg

Arriving by bus from Stockholm

  • The most suitable way to get to us is by a bus service that runs between Stockholm and Borlänge. It departs Stockholm at 13:15 and arrives at Borlänge Resecentrum at 15:55 on the 5th of July.
  • A car pool vehicle (private ) will be available to pick up guests at 16:00 from Borlänge Resecentrum.
  • Please indicate whether you will utilize the car pool vehicle (private) on your registration form.
  • As soon as your place on the course has been confirmed you can book your own bus ticket here

Departing by train to Stockholm

  • On your return trip to Stockholm on the 9th of July, we recommend you travel by train on the 15:57 service from Borlänge Centrum (SJ, InterCity, Tåg 23).
  • There will be a car pool vehicle departing Skålsjögården at 14:30.
  • Please indicate whether you will utilize the car pool vehicle (private) on your registration form.
  • As soon as your place on the course has been confirmed you can book your own train ticket here

Arriving and departing by car

If you are driving to our venue and would enjoy some company, please post a comment on the Facebook event page offering your ride and detailing your journey.


6,000 SEK (including VAT) (all inclusive with a shared/double room)

6,400 SEK (including VAT) (all inclusive with a private room) Please note: Private rooms are limited, so they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Important! The payment of a 500 SEK non-refundable deposit is required directly after registration to secure your place on the course. See registration form for cancellation policy. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss alternative payment options.

The above price includes the following:

• A fully-equipped bed in a shared room and facilities for 4 nights

• All meals during your stay

• All program/ journey content

Free Extra's:

• Car pooling to and from public transport as described

Please note:

  • It will not be suitable to bring children into our group work sessions. Please contact us directly if you intend to bring your child or baby as we may be able to arrange a baby sitter/ barnvakt for your convenience.

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Welcome Home!